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With the unique appellation Gridy—taken from combining their 2 names—these young Oslo-based designers are making their mark with elegantly streamlined designs, always delivered with a defining wink. Gridy, a.k.a. Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner, first connected as undergrads at the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design. Lars Olav followed up with a master's degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen while Wilhelm gained his from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Specializing in furniture, product and spatial design, the designers say they draw their working inspiration from everyday life, with the aim to create simple, functional solutions with a strong personality. In the process, they've been recognized at several international design shows. Lars Olav perhaps unwittingly summed up their philosophy when he was recently asked who was his childhood hero. The answer? "MacGyver! The way he solved problems by using his creativity and built stuff with what he had at hand."