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DTLA, the acronym for downtown Los Angeles, is still an epicenter of hand craftsmanship and time-honored techniques in a warren of specialized factories. A standout is Artless Corporation—the brainchild of designer/entrepreneur Alejandro Artigas (known to all as Alex)—where his modernist furniture is made by a small and highly skilled team of craftsmen. Slow furniture, as it were, meant to last for generations. The company manifesto puts it succinctly: “Artless is most interested in how durability, functionality, and aesthetics work together towards our everyday well being.”

In a bit of creative alchemy, Alex is also the brother of fellow A+R favorite, jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas, and her sister and business partner Tere. Grandchildren of renowned Mexico City architect Francisco Artigas, it would seem that some things, like ingenuity and craftsmanship, just run in some families. Also subtlety, and a fine sense of proportion in all things, evident in another Alex credo: “Artless is after the new, the new that doesn't scream it.”


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