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Engineer Max Braun first established his company in 1921 in Frankfurt, Germany, to manufacture radio parts, becoming one of the first manufacturers to combine radios and record players in a single unit. After his sudden death, his sons Artur and Erwin took over and guided the company on a new path that emphasized contemporary values. Fritz Eichler, an art historian, set designer and film director, was brought on as head of design and the company quickly overhauled its product line.

Braun then hired Dieter Rams in 1955 and he established the distinctive Braun concept and oversaw the brand extension to household appliances and electric shavers in the 1960s. Later, in the 1980s, clocks, watches and calculators were added and set a new design standard for pared-down clarity as well as innovative technology. Braun products have been selected for prestigious permanent collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.