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Gatcha Gatcha Wood Gumball Set

main image of Gatcha Gatcha Wood Gumball Set

This beautiful object will make kids of any age (even those on their 90th birthday!) smile. Turn the silver star knob on the gumball dispenser and out comes wooden balls, stars and tabs. As pieces are dispensed, they can be restocked by simply screwing off the plastic bubble top, then filling and reattaching it.

One in a new series of engagingly original playthings by Japanese designer Kaz Shiomi. Kaz and pals founded Kiko+ in 2011 with a mission of creating toys that foster discovery and a great big smile. We love them. Check out the rest of her collection.

Base price: $58.00
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Size: 5" w x 5" t
Details: Not for young children who could ingest small wooden pieces.
Material: Beech wood, plastic (bubble container)
Packaging: Branded box [black]
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours
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