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Super-Long Safety Pin Lapel Pin

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It was one of those across-the-room-at-a-party moments. There she was, with her ironed-flat inky black hair, a hand-blocked smock draped from her tall, lean body, and a leather scarf resembling a snake. But what really caught Rose’s eye was the metal: every one of this mystery girl’s fingers were ringed in silver bands, and each ear lobe was hooked with several drawn-out safety pins of various, perilous lengths.

The who-is-she resolved with an introduction by mutual pal, jewelry designer and A+R family member Joseph Brooks, we are now thrilled to count Amy Glenn among the crew. Her jewelry and clothes (like the one-off smock she was wearing that day) are the opposite of fast fashion.

In fact, Amy, a former costume designer, is all about opposites: minimalism and complexity, the hard and soft, the industrial and natural. Even her severe looks are countered by the most affable personality. The Los Feliz, L.A., artist crafts each piece by hand.

Unlike the prosaic, disposable objects that safety pins are, this one is for keeps. The super-long safety pin is something surreal. Wear it on a coat, sweater...

Base price: $210.00
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Size: 8" l x 1" w
Material: Sterling silver
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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