Bird Alarm Clock

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Ah, the joyful sounds of birds chirping to rouse you from Dreamland. Even in the thick of the urban jungle, this can be every morning with the sweet tweets from this twee alarm clock by &Design, which collaborated with fellow Japanese firm IDEA International. The clock features an alarm with the choice of sounds of a bird chirping or the mechancial beep. A talking function speaks in both English and Japanese. There’s also a calendar and snooze function. Stand it on your bedside table or hang it on the wall in the bathroom or kitchen.

Base price: $40.00
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Bird: 6.49" w x 2.6" h x 11/16 thick
Stand: 3.93" h
Weight: 80g
Details: The "Blue" option is actually White with a hint of Blue. Baffling? Yes. But that's how the maker does it.
Material: ABS plastic
Packaging: Branded packaging
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
Technical Info: Battery Operated