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As uncomplicated dishes go, it's not so simple to perfectly poach an egg. Thankfully, the gods of good design have smiled even on this tiny task. Ok, well, they've done it through the clever mere mortals at Fusionbrands. Crack an egg into the FDA-approved silicone cup. Like a lily pad on a pond, float the egg-filled PoachPod in boiling water. When the egg is ready, flip the nonstick PoachPod inside out and push out your beautifully dome-shaped breakfast. The best part? No watery eggs mean no soggy bread! Dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and since it's heat-resistant to 675°F / 357°C, microwave use is ok. Can also be used for molding other foods. Chocolate cups anyone?

Base price: $10.00
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Size: 3" dia x 1.5" d
Details: Sold as Set of 2 (1 dark and 1 pale green)
Packaging: None
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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