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Holy Stool

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As a stool to kick up your feet, sit your bum or place a drink or even stack books, this squat stool is irresistible. The legs are wide enough to make it an ideal stool for every day use at home or work. They are also dipped in ultra-matte lacquer to striking duo-tone effect with the polished maple.

Holy Stool is one in the ongoing Stool Series by UM Project, a Brooklyn-based design workshop that actually designs and manufacturers inhouse. Some 75% of the work is made in studio, with the rest produced by a network of local and regional partners. To founders François and Kathleen Chambard, it's about manufacturing "one piece at a time or in series...UM pieces provide many expressive 'windows' through which the user enters." To wit, the company is named after their daughters, Una and Milan.
Part of the new wave embracing old-world craftsmanship while embracing the digital world, François decided to leave behind a life with international brand design consultancies, including Zürich-based Zintztmeyer & Lux and Interbrand in New York, in 2004 to get his hands dirty in the process of design. A self-professed dropout from the RISD Furniture Design MFA program, he has an MBA at the joint program of Marseille Business School in Marseilles, France and Universität Regensburg, Germany.

Base price: $330.00
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Small: 14” h x 11" d (35.5x28.9cm)
Large: 18.5” h x 11" d (47x28.9cm)
Material: Maple, color lacquer
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours