Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll

main image of Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll

Sometimes you have to just stick the man or to the to-do pile. Pino serves both purposes. As a freestanding memo board, it's a place to post your to-do list or any other must-do note. Strike back at those tasks with each stick pin! Or exorcise your work and home grief with some voodoo-style payback.

Daniel Caramelo is among the cadre of industrial designers turning cork on its head under the banner Materia. Since graduating from the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002, Daniel spent three years in Barcelona collaborating with Azuamoliné and other. He's the designer behind espresso machine Qosmo, and a founding member of Diverge Design, where he heads the design department. All Materia products are beautifully presented in a red box making them a great gift.

Base price: $44.00
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Size: 8.6" h x 4" dia
Material: Cork
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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