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Machi Wood+Magnet Town

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It takes a kid to raise a village...or city or whatever kind of world they can imagine with chalk and wood. Position car, traffic signal, trees, mountains and homes—all made of eco-sound beech wood and safely embedded with tiny magnets—on two magnetized chalk boards. Draw in streets or other features with the enclosed chalk. The possibilities are endless!
Yet another in a series of beautifully engaging objects newly launched by Kaz Shimo and her team with the Japanese studio Kiko+. We think they're so wonderful they're not just for the little ones either...

Base price: $41.00
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Box Contents:
2 Black boards
2 Traffic lights
3 Houses
2 Hills
6 Trees
1 Car
Stick of Chalk
Material: Wood, chalk, metal (magnet)
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours
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