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Votives + Snuffer

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Group them individually or stack them for visual variety, these lovely beechwood votive holders were created by Rhode Island designer Ayako Takase for Teroforma’s Ekke series. Ayako found inspiration in the traditional Japanese children's game daruma otoshi. In the game, the rounded pieces stack and are accompanied by a mallet. In this case, the "mallet" is actually a snuffer. The snuffer pierces the five stacked votive containers, resulting in a totem-like effect. The Ekke set for tealights emphasizes the simplicity of a column. Snuffer included in the set. Great for a dinner table, bedroom or a gift.

Base price: $50.00
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Size: 9 3/4" h
Details: Sold as set of 5 votives and snuffer
Material: Beechwood
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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