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Limited-Edition Turquoise Fly Pin + Necklace

main image of Limited-Edition Turquoise Fly Pin + Necklace

Turquoise signals initiative, self awareness, communication and creative expression. It's also a beautiful new tip on the carefully cast fly pin and pendant from Cast of Vices. There's no telling where this fly could land: A tie? A lapel, or hat brim? Why stop at a single fly? Casting a critical eye on the culture’s obsession with self-medication and addiction, while admiring the inherent design of these substances, Cast of Vices creative director Christopher Glancy and artisan jeweler Jay LeCompte (a.k.a. Jay the Jeweler) fashioned effigies of the detritus that wreaks pleasure and pain in our modern world. “When our Rome falls, these will be our remains,” say the Los Angeles based duo, “cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps. The fly symbolizes the stench of our addictions.” Beauty from rubbish, indeed: Each design is carefully cast from wax for maximum detail; silver pieces are hand finished individually and packed in a plastic pill bottle that is hand branded with the Cast of Vices logo.

Base price: $160.00
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Life-sized fly
Chain: 26" l
Details: Edition Limited to 100!
Material: Solid sterling silver, Turquoise
Packaging: Pharmaceutical plastic bottle branded with logo
Shipping Info: This item ships 7 days from date of order
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