Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock

main image of Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock

The hands of time go round and round, and so does this this clever carousel clock by Taipei designer Griffin Yang of
Haoshi Design. The numbers on the pillars represent time. The boy, in the spirit of youthful liveliness, is the second hand. The mother, always keeping up with her child, is the minute hand and the father, according to Griffin, tells time by the hour as he steadily cares for his family. It's a sweet sentiment, and one so beautifully embodied in piece made of resin and hand-finished for detail. "Haoshi" is Chinese for "good things." The goal: focus on the good details around us which might go unnoticed but shouldn't since they bring so much joy. "So we add a kind of purity and peace in our design concept," says Griffin. We fell for her and her joyful work, from jewelry to this clock, at her U.S. debut in New York in 2010.

Base price: $170.00
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Size: 6" w x 6" d x 6.7" h
Material: Resin
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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