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Cork Wine + Bar Set

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As cork seals for wine bottles increasingly become replaced by other materials, designer Aurélien Barbry sought to celebrate tradition—with a wink and nudge—by designing bottle stoppers and pourers using cork. "My designs are based on objects in daily use," says Aurélien. "I redefine their use, and find new shapes and expressions to give new life to the object." His Wine & Bar sets celebrate the daily meal and dinner parties alike. The cork stopper can be reused and suitably seals the contents within. A great gift for the casual or dedicated oenophile in your life.

Base price: $29.00
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Sold as set of 2 wine pourers with tops
Sold as set of 3 wine stoppers
Material: Cork, stainless steel
Packaging: Branded packaging
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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