Pascal Charmolu & Born In Sweden's

Dual-Action Watering Can

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Talk about "pick-me-up" appeal. Pascal Charmolu imbued his garden watering can with a sculptural form that is ergonomic and practical--the 7.5-liter capacity means fewer trips to the tap! Hold the can's neck with one hand, and the sizable recess in the base with the other. Water showers from a perforated section on the stainless steel lid, or pour from the removable spout. Pascal, the design brains behind the new Born In Sweden line, is more than a green thumb. Recyclable polypropylene--robust, yet lightweight--forms the body of the 22.5-inch can.

Base price: $84.00
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Size: 22.5" t x 8" dia at base
Details: Capacity: 7.5 liters or 2 gallons
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours.
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