ModKat Litter Box

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If ever a household essential required a design makeover itís the smelly old litter tray. Rooftop access (any cat that can jump onto a chair should have no problem) saves on floor space, provides privacy for your cat and cleanliness for your home: When the cat climbs out of the generous entrance, litter granules fall back inside via the perforated top. The locking lid keeps dogs and kids out, while non-skid feet curb unwanted movement. A rounded ergonomic scoop with sweeping brush stores neatly on the side. The commercial-strength tarpaulin liner is easy to clean and reusable, with handles for effortless removal and emptying. No more ugly protruding liner because it fits neatly inside. An unparalleled experience for your cat--and you.

Base price: $188.00
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Size: 15" t x 16" d x 16" w (Box size was designed and tested for cat comfort, including easily turning around inside to dig.)
Modkat ships with 1 reusable liner- average lifespan 8 months.
Price includes freight shipping in the USA
Liner is non returnable if used (We will charge $10)
Packaging: None
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours