Zipp Airplay Wireless Speaker

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Give me Libratone or give me...silence! The cylindrical Libratone Zipp is just that good a speaker, portable or otherwise. The Danish brand's battery-driven, patented FullRoom™ technology provides a 360-degree sound experience that is unlike few other portable speakers on the market. The active bass driver stands out against the the passive bass radiators found in the best-selling Bluetooth portable speakers. Unlike those, even without a WiFi network the Zipp offers wireless playback anywhere. Grab by the leather strap and go. It only weighs about 4 pounds. Stream music directly from your device with AirPlay, PlayDirect™ or DLNA technology.

Atop the glossy white end, an LED flashes colors to indicate battery life and connection status and a simple plus and minus alters volume—not the volume of the speaker itself, but through AirPlay, the digital volume in the music player.

So what gives with this fancy sounding FullRoom™ technology? Most every speaker is contained in a closed cabinet, pushing sounds waves in a single direction. It takes at least two speakers angled for the sound waves to meet and create the so-called "sweet spot" where sound is optimal—otherwise known as STEREO. Libratone speakers are based on how acoustic instruments function, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls. There are two 1-inch ribbon tweeters and a single 4-inch bass driver, all firing in different directions. No need to scramble for the sweet spot: Libratone gives a 360° sound experience. Seriously, it blew our collective mind when Gregg from Libratone visited our La Brea store to give us test listen.

Inside the Libratone cabinet, each driver unit is driven by a dedicated audiophile amplifier spreading sound in a specific direction. The result is a system that both spreads the sound and encapsulates listeners in it. Think cablefree means poor sound? Think again. These folks made sure even "golden ear" listeners couldn't tell the difference. They incorporated Apple Lossless technology,digital signal processing and high-quality components to meet that test, too.

This wireless speaker earns its name from its portability. But it's changeable jacket made of Italian wool and easily zipped on and off scores style points, making the Zipp a quick-change artist as seamless as your musical range.

Base price: $399.00
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10.2" h x 4.8" d (26x12.2cm)

Weight: about 4 pounds
Base price includes a grey wool jacket.

Removable jacket is made of Italian wool.
Case is made of polycarbonate plastic.
Material: Italian wool, leather, polycarbonate plastic
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
Technical Info:
Stream with AirPlay, PlayDirect™ or DLNA technology directly from music device
110-230 volt AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 40 W external charger
Energy-saving standby power consumption of less than 1 W
From 4 to 8 hours of battery playback, depending on use
Patented FullRoom™ technology creates a 360° sound experience
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