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Brick Cushion

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Cushion design has been right up there with re-inventing the wheel—few, a very few, stop us in our tracks. Yet the colorful, geometric patchwork of the Brick collection by Britt Bonnesen for Normann Copenhagen had us like a deer in headlights. The combination of colors and wovens, some with a decidedly suiting sensibility, make these cushions a very stylish complement to a room.

They are also a comfort to live with. We have 5 in different colorways on our living room couch. Even a single cushion on a sofa or on a bed can give a space an oomph of brightness. Or throw several together on the floor. Our toddler loves to. On that note, they clean up very easily with a damp brush or cloth. Or simply unzip them and send them to the dry cleaner.

Base price: $93.00
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Size: 20" w x 23" l [50x60cm]
Filling included
Cover can be removed by zipper
Dry cleaning recommended
Material: Wool
Packaging: N/A
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours
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