A+R is British ex-pat Andy Griffith, a former film editor and self-avowed design junkie, and Rose Apodaca, a pop culture and style journalist and author.

We're endlessly electrified by the evolution of this adventure we first masterminded over margaritas on a January evening in 2005 in a Baja roadside inn.

Nine months later, we opened our tiny shop across the reservoir from our home in the heart of L.A's creative enclave known as Silver Lake, keen on sharing our excitement for great new design with anyone who would listen. We followed up a year later with our online store. In fall 2007, we expanded our business when we moved our shop across town to Abbot Kinney in Venice, a town equally filled with a creative population which embraced our viewpoint.

For us, part of the thrill is the narrative behind each product, and we love talking about the designers we find locally and afar. It only goes to show that this brilliant and bold community is not so much distinguished by geographic or cultural boundaries but bound by the pursuit of aesthetics and innovative ideas.

From clocks to carafes, tables to toys, baubles to bright lights, the constant is design that charms, functions and inspires.

How does this make A+R different from the other great design shops in the universe?

We obsessively seek out the newest products, aiming to offer them first. We cherry pick the best from the best manufacturers. We don't settle for product simply available through domestic distributors: challenges be damned, we import from anywhere in the world—a distinction many of our competitors cannot claim.

We never sell anything we haven't personally handled. We love everything we sell.

In a sound bite: Global design. Edited.

That's A+R.

We hope you find things you've been looking for all your lives, and stuff you didn't know you needed. And, whether you're a designer or enthusiast like us, if you come across anything you believe fits our world, please let us know.

Thank you for visiting,

Andy + Rose

Andy + Rose